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At Ubique Systems, we believe that a job is more than just a salary consisting of some figures. The feeling of joining the company on the first day or that of meeting new colleagues and friends cannot be just described in monetary terms. We’re proud of the honest and open environment that allows us to genuinely believe that we can support our teams and employees through a healthy work and home life balance.

The management style is much mature and unique than the other enterprises of the market. Both of our directors sit on the sales floor with consultants and offer them a friendly, direct and continuous level of support. We do not measure success purely on KPI’s - targets are specifically tailored based on previous personal and team achievements.

Besides, we invest heavily in the process of training and development from your very first day at Ubique systems and throughout your career.

We pride ourselves on constantly inspiring and motivating our employees and are widely appreciated for our generous sales incentives.

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