MS Dynamics 365 Recruitment

Ubique systems are known for delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 talent to clients. Throughout these years we have successfully gathered a team of highly qualified individuals who specialise in consultancy of dynamics 365.

Connection with the Microsoft talent

Our specialists have constantly worked hard for developing the unique Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience for our clients. This has allowed us to successfully implement the solutions of Microsoft after attracting the most talented individuals in the market. We assess the skills and experience of the talent and send them to work on the most interesting projects about Microsoft. They can cover the client’s projects on Dynamics 365 F&O, CE, Apps and Infrastructure, Business Central, Data and Artificial intelligence or AI.

The Specialisation of Dynamics 365

As a recruitment agency of Microsoft Dynamics, we ensure to perform some major roles that include Business Change Project Managers, Programme Managers, Specialists of Business Intelligence, Solution Architects, Data Migration, Integration, Technical leads or architects, Functional Consultants, Artificial intelligence or AI Data Science, Customer Relationship Management or CRM Consultants, Trainers, Business Analyst, Test management, Infrastructure Architects, Azure Architects.

Clients can always trust our specialists of Microsoft talent if they want to build or hire a team. Due to our experience in the Microsoft market, we are considered to be the experts in Microsoft Dynamics recruiters.

Our Global Capability

We have different steps to follow in order to deliver various types of services for different commercial and geographic markets. The experts who deal with Microsoft projects are very committed and passionate about their work. Ubique systems have managed to get coverage on a global market of Microsoft Dynamics talent.

Our highly trained and experienced specialists can provide solutions to the clients not only on technical and market aspects but also on linguistic, cultural and local knowledge. At ubique systems, we collaborate with the biggest blue-chip companies and consultancies along with the most qualified consultants of Dynamics 365 located around the globe.

Specialists in Dynamics Recruitment

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 software is in constant stages of development through which our knowledgeable expert recruiters are capable of investing their valuable time and effort in order to ensure that their knowledge about the industry always remains updated. With help of this updated knowledge about the developments of the latest technology of Microsoft Dynamics they successfully introduce necessary innovations and changes in the business that always brings a positive impact on it.

The valuable advice and guidance of the Microsoft Dynamics experts allow our clients to put their future steps in their Microsoft careers or find the best talents in the market. Some more features of our solutions of Microsoft Dynamics include:

Ubique systems are known for developing and building a supply chain of talented and referenced professionals who provide clients with effective and efficient solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 field. We also pay specialised attention to the specific requirements of our esteemed clients. Our consultants are completely updated and aware of the various trends and development practices of the market. This allows us to understand and react to the demands and market trends of the recruitment of Microsoft talents. Thus, we can say that we can provide our clients with a higher level of satisfaction from our services than any other company in the market.

The process of our Microsoft Dynamics Recruitment

The clients who need Microsoft Dynamics solutions often contact and engage in conversations with the experts of ubique systems. This is because our account managers take the necessary time and understand the needs of the clients completely. After agreeing on their business terms and preparing the necessary lists for the project, we carefully analyse and prepare a shortlist of the most talented and qualified professionals who even match the necessary skills of Microsoft. These talented individuals are also filled with motivation for the perfect completion of the work.

Roles of Contract

For contract roles, our esteemed clients can expect a proper shortlist that consist of the best candidates of Dynamics 365. We need about 8-24 hours for this work.

The Shortlisted Candidates

The talented individuals or candidates who have been chosen for an interview are available for the interview usually within one day of the contract. Although if the clients need candidates for permanent positions then it might require some more time.

Negotiation Of The Rate

At ubique systems, we are always open to negotiations with the clients in order to discuss their budgets along with the offer of great service for the international and contract placements.

Monitoring and Follow-Up

Our experienced and dedicated managers are known for monitoring the complete process along with the important paperwork and follow-ups with the check-ins. This allows them to ensure that the expectations of the clients are always met by the candidates who are properly placed in different positions.

Our experts and specialists can provide Microsoft Dynamics recruitment services. With help of their valuable advice and support, clients can adapt their business strategies on basis of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

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