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Ubique Academics are a leading BI Centre of Excellence (CoE) who are involved in Business Intelligence Education, Research & Development, and Recruitment consulting for building BI specific expert teams for meeting global industry requirements. Ubique attracts the most analytical minds from the industry, and academia to interact with and mentor our students. The faculty groups are also engaged in research on the subject of business intelligence and publish their ideas in the international IEEE conferences and journals.

In Industry, Ubique enables enterprises to transform their transactional data into information very quickly, thereby building an edge over the competitors. Our solutions enable enterprises to access the information that they need quickly and efficiently by easily connecting all their business processes, and storing all their information in a single, integrated repository. Ubique helps companies to connect and consolidate fragmented information that is residing in different systems across departments to provide accurate and real-time data on key metrics of the business.

Ubique Academics organizes 3 lectures over the weekend, which comprehensively covers knowledge in the business intelligence areas of Healthcare, Banking and Insurance. The classes are conducted on Saturday and Sunday (9.00 AM to 6 PM) only. The topics are as mentioned:

Ubique Academic has partnered with the CMATER and Jadavpur University of Kolkata to achieve notable excellence in the subject of business intelligence and its practices and has conducted multiple short term course curriculums in the field of BI and Data Warehouse where CMATER, JU, provides the complete infrastructure for the training and research, along with a Certificate on successful completion.

Ubique BI CoE has been set up to help the nascent IT industry overcome its challenges in human resources especially in the field of BI and Data Warehouse. Ubique acts as a holistic BI excellence centre where clients would receive the necessary BI development, corporate training, short term training, Hi-tech research techniques, summer training brush-up courses, Project delivery and Resource Outsourcing in the areas of Analytics.

Academics Strategic Goals:

Our IT resourcing services can help in reducing your total capital spending and produces a focused team of talented individuals that can assist you.

Most businesses today have the requirement for IT support but they cannot afford the luxury of employing personnel on a full or even on a part-time basis. This is why several large businesses have now started outsourcing their IT departments to specialised companies to improve their efficiencies and save money. IT Resourcing can provide options for both long-term as well as filling short-term and interim gaps in unforeseen circumstances. You would be assured that a completely professional and competent service would be catered according to your specific needs and requirements.

We recognise the importance of IT in adding value, efficiency, and enhancing the overall performance of the business. We also understand both our clients and consultant’s needs. We cooperatively work with our clients to understand their needs and are committed to providing them with a quality and cost-effective service. Our IT Resourcing service offers a strategic service that is mostly focused on sourcing high-calibre candidates for contract and permanent positions. Our core focus is IT, which means we have a unique understanding and in-depth knowledge of the IT industry that allows us to provide a one-stop resource and solutions for clients in search of the best technical talent.

We have a pool of consultants who can be made available to meet your immediate needs. We perform rigorous assessments and tests against your specific requirements by maintaining a level of transparency around the management of resources (source and cost). Whether you need to resource an entire project team or just a single position, we can introduce you exactly to the kind of talent that you need. Our objective is to be a long term trusted partner for each and every one of our clients and candidates. Our areas of expertise in the talent markets that we cover include: Projects, Programmes, Change Development, Digital, e-commerce, Testing Enterprise Applications BI, Big Data, Analytics Cloud, Infrastructure IT and Information Security.

We offer a completely managed account approach while providing for a single point of contact throughout your engagement. We are set up to deliver across the UK and EU markets. Our team prides itself on providing tailor-made solutions, and a consultative approach to each individual client that we engage with.

We have the necessary expertise for each type of industry domain. We also have specialists in a particular niche market and have in-depth experience sourcing for the roles within that area of expertise. With help of our knowledge in this sector, we can advise you on the skills, benchmark rates and market trends in that space. We have some excellent talent networks to source from, our extensive social networks across these areas means we can reach the top talent.

We are constantly in touch with passive talents, therefore have the ability to deliver the best talent to you. We are in a knowledge business, and it’s our talent that makes the difference. We are constantly seeking new talent acquisitions for our own business and our standards are set extremely high.

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