Manufacturing & Retail


The global economy alongside good progress in emerging markets is shifting its focus to the manufacturing industry to be sustainable with a profitable growth chart. With potential shortage in supply of steel, energy and human resources, organisations are also requiring to secure strong revenue growth, control costs and increase their efficiency. Organizations in the this industry sector are investing in IT to turn around their business processes and manufacturing operations and help better collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers.

Our Consultants’ service offerings are geared to the manufacturing industry's need for enterprise-wide solutions that enable business stability, growth, and excellence. We offer services in the following areas:


  • Domain Consulting where we can bring experts who are capable of recommending and deploying the right IT solutions.
  • Supply chain optimisation solutions. We can address the area of configuration, design, planning, implementation and maintenance.
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions. Our consultants can help in strategy, design, design and implementation.


  • ERP and Extended ERP solutions. These include customisation, change management, integration, implementation, migration, roll out.
  • Business Intelligence including data warehousing/ mining
  • Embedded engineering and industrial automation


Retail industry is going through changes with application of new emerging technology driving all the operations. With the demand of increasing product information, convenience and price advantage, it has become a must for the retailers to be on the newer technology to drive up sales and its operationally efficient.

Some challenges currently faced by retail industry are:

  • Management of sales and customer loyalty programme
  • Optimize data centre and applications
  • Protect inventory
  • Provide competitive pricing and personalized services to customers
  • Better promotional and marketing activities
  • Reconcile customer data with a unified customer view
  • Identify best and worst customers segments

Our offerings can help you maintain your readiness by providing insight and solutions for stock building, systems availability, digital customer engagement, comprehensive supply chain processes. We can help in new technologies like multi-channel synchronization, collaborative commerce.