Global Delivery Model

Our Global Delivery Model is based on the principle of taking work where it can be done best, makes the most economic sense with least amount of acceptable risk. Global Delivery Model is our working and winning formula for effective engagement with our clients and value delivery to them.

Our Global Delivery Model ensures exceptional quality, risk management and visibility in order to determine the success of complex assignments.

Due to our business expansion, increase in client base across the geography and increase in our talent pool it was imperative to follow the global delivery model process to increase the efficiency and also client deliverables. We follow the global delivery model for all our service offerings. Our delivery is performed at client location, close to client location and remote location.

The benefits:

  • Access to a large pool of highly talented professionals
  • 24 hr. execution capability with operations spread across different time zones
  • Cost competitiveness across geographic regions
  • Knowledge management system, with solution reusability

With a Job allocation mechanism according to maximisation of skills at minimum cost, Parallel processing for deployment of activities & resources and Use of fibre optic links within all of our facilities we enhance our capabilities and delivery effectiveness.