Energy & Healthcare


Energy and Utilities is a key focus area around the world. Consumers are facing higher energy prices and supply shortfalls in some geographies. Population growth and improvement in infrastructure are putting pressure on scarce energy and water resources like never before. The imperatives on the Energy and Utilities sector are to increase strike rates, enhance recovery, integrate the supply chain, optimize assets, and integrate IT systems. These are crucial for sustained profitability. Facing environmental and regulatory challenges, Energy and Utilities companies must improve their financial performance, enhance customer satisfaction and rethink service delivery.

Some of the challenges for energy and utilities industry in the current scenario are as under:

  • Faster exploration to production process
  • Aging IT infrastructure
  • Improve multichannel customer service
  • Stay compliant and manage risks
  • Added costs due to stringent regulatory policies
  • Better asset and resource management
  • Inefficiency in supply chain

Effective use of IT is strategically and tactically is required in fast dealing with these challenges.

We can help clients define new operational strategies, implement wide business transformations and optimize processes. Our Energy & Utilities practice offers consulting services to help companies transforming to meet the needs of a smart Utilities industry.

  • Strategy
  • Transformation
  • Operations

We can help to focus on the following areas:

  • Customer intelligence and deriving market segmentation
  • Growth
  • Design of effective customer loyalty schemes
  • Design of multichannel management strategy
  • IT strategy and data management
  • Asset optimization
  • Business model transformation
  • Technology transformation(digital transformation, IT strategy, performance and rationalization, and talent management)


The healthcare industry is facing dramatic changes due to the increased regulatory scrutiny, patent management and patient awareness empowerment. Therefore every provider is required to offer more quality, efficiency and accountability. Under the current trends, the healthcare providers across the globe are seeking increase revenues and to be profitable. The challenges are currently skill shortage to undertake management analytics, reporting and implementation of various related applications and also to have growth and opportunities through innovation, diversification and expansion into the emerging markets.

Our consultants can help bring expertise to help you in your transformation, innovation, diversification and expansion to emerging technologies objectives in order to achieve the goal.