Automotive & Telecom

The automotive industry is changing due to innovations and start-ups from other industries. It is going through a complete transformation in the increased globalization, personalization, new connectivity demands, technology orientation, and safety requirements. The automotive industries of today are faced with a situations where they have to drive innovation and also be cost effective.

Some of the compelling objectives in front of the automotive industry are:

  • Increased pressure for faster innovation and flexibility in development and manufacturing
  • Optimization of supply chain with exchange of real-time information
  • Demand forecast to improve inventory management and capacity planning
  • Operational efficiency, to reducing costs
  • Manufacturing operations

In the digital world the telecom organisations are currently under challenging environment. Internet based communication tools have changed the profitability scenarios drastically.

Some of current challenges for the industry are:

  • Regulatory compliance requirements
  • Improving operational efficiency and lower total cost
  • Increase customer loyalty and increase migration cost for switching

Our offering are based in the following areas:

  • Operational & Business Support System (OSS/BSS)
  • Network Configuration, Deployment and Management
  • Voice Infrastructure Management
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Infrastructure Management
  • Wireless Infrastructure Management
  • Billing

We also can help in providing insight on

  • Business Intelligence
  • EAI and Other Integrations
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Infrastructure transition and transformation on voice and data