IT Consulting

Organisations are facing challenges due to disruptive technology e.g. cloud, mobility and digital technologies, this is impacting on their IT systems and workforce. This can make it difficult to create and bring innovative solutions and productivity to their business.

Our IT consulting team provides the means and knowledge that would help clients overcome their challenges. Our consultants understand the new disruptive technology, they have the skills, tools and methods to help you gain agility while integrating and maintaining your applications business processes. We work end-to-end across all dimensions to deliver the end result.

Consulting Offering

Our talented consultants can help develop innovations and solutions that can empower clients to disrupt their markets scope. We view business challenges differently as a company, we redefine solution design thinking with the combination of new and existing technologies to grow and overcome the limitations of traditional applications.

We can successfully define, design and deliver solutions to global organisations across all industry sectors.

Our core areas of consulting are:

Strategy and Architecture

IT strategy
We work with you to develop practical, implementable IT strategies that align IT plans with your business strategy to deliver maximum business value.

We help our clients in developing IT strategies that enable the delivery of the business goal, business cases, governance of the delivery and agreeing upon a strategy blueprint. A clear set of expectations & goals will be agreed with all stakeholders and the implementation of it.

We propose ways of using technology to enable value addition within the business.

  • 1. We advise a “Look to Future” approach to make the business aware of technology trends that offer opportunities to do things differently & more efficiently (better, faster or cheaper) .
  • 2. Re-analysing the possible benefits of using existing technology i.e. applications, platforms, services and infrastructure to the business processes, documenting risks or costs and deriving cases for realising any business benefits.

We aim to help you in

  • Business continuity
  • Transition and transformation with minimum IT disruptions

We advise on risk assurance assessments and operational assessments. This is to establish an external view based on the benchmarked best practices by our consultants, therefore assessing the risks and how to mitigate them.

We are always client focussed and our consultation is based on your needs and priorities, these provide you with insights on your current status as well as recommendations for improvement in future.

Application and infrastructure optimisation

Many businesses are not sure how to strike the right balance between taking advantage of the agility & modern disruptive digital technologies and the cost and reliability benefits of current standard applications that provide the backbone of their business processes.

We help in defining, developing and implementing new strategies that will meet business needs, leveraging the new technologies and renewing the ones those are already being used. This is a complex task and we believe that our application and infrastructure optimisation consulting will enable you to be our partner in this journey.

For clients with a diverse applications landscape, we will work with you to upgrade your technology by:

  • 1. Identifying potential opportunities to replace and rationalise the application, platform and infrastructure portfolio, leveraging the industry trends of open source and cloud.
  • 2. Analysing your current landscape of infrastructure and defining target architecture options, business cases, and implementation roadmaps

Those client who are already using the Cloud strategy, we help to ensure that they are getting the best value from cloud technology and services.

We can further help in

  • Cloud computing strategy
  • Cloud computing implementation and migration
  • IT infrastructure and application simplification/consolidation
  • IT as cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)

Technical architecture

Our consultants can help to measure, define, plan and manage the current & future technical architecture services which is the backbone of your delivery of services. Our techniques range from defining your technical architecture strategy, through to the details of designing and managing security, end user computing, and infrastructure services. Enterprise architecture strategy is the foundation for all your technology services. We work with you to ensure that this is the best-fit for you by using our Enterprise Architect consultants to define and setup a methodology in addition to a blueprint to ensure the right architecture.

We offer our consulting services in

  • EAI and BPM architecture design
  • Design, implement the EAI / BPM design
  • Advise on optimization of the current BPM architecture
  • End user architecture design
  • Desktop management
  • Mobile computing solution
  • Virtual desktop
  • Enterprise security architecture design
  • Security configuration and procedures
  • Infrastructure strategy and design
  • Platform design (compute, storage network and security)
  • Disaster recovery design
  • Datacentre consolidation, relocation and optimisation

Business Transformation

Transformation Strategy
Our service provides a structured approach to designing and planning business transformation that will help the client in their expected ambition. Our consultants guide the client’s plan/agenda, for a resultant transformational journey.

We have the following approach to defining and planning a business transformation:

  • 1. Ambition
    Using a combination of interviews, workshops and analysis, we work with the senior management to define the ambition that will drive the business transformation.
  • 2. High-level Processes
    Using process design tools, we will work with you to define the high-level business processes and capabilities.
  • 3. Technology and Deployment Strategy
    We discuss, propose and finalise on the core technologies that will enable the business transformation and deployment approach, minimising risk and maximising benefits.
  • 4. Program Management Strategy
    We advise and reach a common agreement on the governance, methods, structures and tools needed to deliver the transformation program.
  • 5. Application Landscape
    We derive the ‘to-be’ application landscape, taking into account the technology, deployment strategy. Also define the impact, and revising the application architecture based on agreed strategy.
  • 6. Data Strategy
    We build a high-level data strategy with a focus on master data, data quality management and the data needed to service reporting and monitoring requirements.

This 6 step approach will help the business and IT have a common understanding of what the business transformation is all about and how it can be achieved.